Selfish or self-aware?

Spirituality can be defined in many ways but it can never be defined in a “religious” way. Religious ways are confining, boundary laden, judgmental and fear based.

A truly nurtured soul is at the center of your individual spirituality. We are a 3 layered being: Mind, Body and Spirit. Except most of us are driven only by the body, our outward expression. We are concerned with what we feed ourselves, how we clothe ourselves and what we adorn ourselves with. This is mainly because we judge and are judged by appearance. When it comes to the mind we are totally clueless… but that is for another blog post. We are probably only utilizing one-tenth of our brain’s capacity.

Spirituality or “soul care” is at the center of who we are and why we do what we do. How do you nurture your soul? Or do you even think about it? Are you aware of your feelings or do you just suppress them? Are you healing your soul or hurting it? Are you blossoming or are you a withered flower? Are you expanding your world or constricting it? When was the last time you read a book that truly “fed your soul” or are you content to mindlessly sit in front of the television to watch whichever show is “trending?” When was the last time you took a walk? Wrote in a journal? Baked cookies? Danced with wild abandon? Made love for hours? Snuggled? Talked to a friend for hours without caring about the time?

When you become the sum of your parts or a 3 layered human you become balanced. You think differently, you speak more mindfully and you create a better life for yourself and those around you. You begin to think about purpose, identity, growth, abundance, expansion and personal evolution. You show up differently.

Many people may observe and say “my you have changed”. You can answer that with “no I haven’t, I just discovered ME”. Once you begin to do your “soul care” work and exercise “self love” your relationships will change. It is OK if people are left behind. You have been their teacher. Self care is never selfish. It is “abundant” thinking!




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