The three c’s

Consciousness Create and Collaboration

These 3 “buzz” words are sure to be heard and seen in the daily news, instagram feeds and tweets. But do you really understand and can you really walk them out in your daily life?

Basic definitions:

Consciousness – The state of being awake and aware

Create – Bring something into existence

Collaboration – The act of working with others to create or produce something.

WOW, pretty basic things we were probably taught in kindergarten. Then why have we become a self centered and selfish society? I am sure you know the answers to your own “why”. However, I want to address the abundant mindset that will set forth these very values into motion.

When we think and act from a place of abundance and love, we can move mountains. Women working together at a primal level is a force of nature. A force for good.

If you can help someone, why wouldn’t you? In business and daily life we come across people looking for connections, introductions to others who might be able to assist them or even just a great place to go and have fun. But for some reason we behave like selfish brats and with hold information because we believe that someone might “get ahead” of us in life. The reality is that we are the ones who will be left behind with this kind of mindset. Creating abundance for all means losing the ego and implementing the “instrument mentality”. We are each in a place of helping another at some point or time. Think of this as an opportunity to do good and play your part. Give of yourself and information with a kind heart and an open mind and without expectations. It will come back to you in waves. That is just how the universe works.

Our world is energy and when we move in positive ways and flow through with affirming actions, we continue to collaborate with others to create a better world for all.

Make a conscious effort to do this on a daily basis. Actively look for someone to help.

“No matter how small the amount of goodness is, it is still goodness”

I met someone in business who was needing a specific contact to help create a sustainable supply chain. She would call and just have small talk but never asked for what she needed. Finally, I said to her, “Is there something specific that you need?”. She said “yes” and proceeded to tell me. Of course, I gave her my contact and went even further to do an introduction through email. This simple act on my part, blew her mind. I couldn’t understand why. She said that no one is willing to share this kind of information. Especially, not in business. I said I was because it created abundance for all involved. She would be able to produce her line. The manufacturer would be able to keep his workers busy and create a thriving business, and it filled my heart to know that I could be of service.

So maybe I was the selfish one here because it made me feel good to help!

“Change you mind and you change the world.”

Tracey xo


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