SURRENDER – One of the most powerful words you need to know.

Usually when we think of the word surrender, we see someone holding up a white flag. They are giving up their position to a stronger entity. We see this as a place of weakness.

What I would like to invite you to see is that there is POWER in surrendering. You are choosing peace. Peace for all parties. This is not being weak. That is being strong!

There are so many times in our lives that we need to surrender to what is, so that we can walk into what will be. One of these amazing times is when you give birth to your baby. WOW, you need to surrender and then surrender some more. Not even your body is your own and that is a beautiful thing. You won’t even be able to get a haircut without asking someone first so they can watch the baby. This is a time in your life where ALL things are working for a greater good for all involved. even though it may not seem that way. They say that having a baby changes everything, shouldn’t it? You are now responsible for shaping, nurturing and guiding another human mind. That is a HUGE responsibility. What you thought would work, doesn’t, so you need to surrender! All the books you read should have prepared you for it, shouldn’t they have? They didn’t… surrender. I know lots of moms who lose the weight and bounce back into the bikini body, so I should too. You may not… surrender.

After you have a baby you will wonder, whose birth was it anyway? Your heart grows to a capacity for love that you never thought possible. You evolve as a woman to “not sweat the small stuff’ any longer. You decide what you can do with the baby and what you need to do alone. You learn to give yourself permission to be in the moment and enjoy every aspect of this journey.

Every impactful moment that we will experience in this life will have times that we will need to surrender to. My intent is to help you reframe these moments in to lessons of grace and strength instead of moments of weakness and hopelessness. Your life is a beautiful journey, being willing to feel it ALL!

Tracey XO


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