Next Generation’s Head Start

Our next generation’s head start on health and wellness

What was a smoky, caffeinated, boozy yet fun college experience has certainly changed for our current generation. And nobody can argue that it isn’t a fantastic step in the right direction. In universities across the country, more and more things ecological are being taken into account: from the sustainability of the buildings students live in to smoke free environments, and even plant-based diets… check out what is happening in college today. You’ll find it’s quite a bit different from our experience.

Schools such as Harvard University leave no stone unturned when it comes to the health and wellbeing of its students. In Harvard’s newest sustainability plan, the university outlines how it’s going to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30% in 2016 amongst many other positive improvements. Lucky students are getting new dorms built in compliance with Green Building Standards. They’re also scoring in the meal department. With food served in the campus hall that is Green Restaurant Association certified and plant-based, the freshman 15 might be a thing of the past. Especially with free yoga classes available on the quad, I might just want to go back to school!

These steps are just a few of those being taken – and not just by fancy schools such as like Harvard for those of you rolling your eyes. City colleges are incorporating similar programs not only into their building codes, but also their curricula, as awareness is just as important as physical environment. Santa Monica City College now offers a Student Sustainability Workshop: a peer-to-peer educational program where students learn about important environmental issues and the ways they can incorporate sustainable practices into their everyday activities to improve their quality of life and save resources while at the same time saving money. Students can also learn about careers in the emerging green economy and the paths they can take to pursue them.

These changes in universities’ curricula as well as our next generation’s daily campus living improvements are very exciting for our future. It definitely warms your heart to know that these issues are important to millennials and colleges alike. And the urge to go back to school is stronger than ever after seeing the smiles on these students’ faces. These changes will sure help with finals’ anxieties; nothing like a good yoga session and some chill time in fresh air to alleviate stress in a healthy way.


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