Fear redefined – Face Everything And Rise

Fear is one of our greatest motivators and teachers. It can leave you crippled and unable to move forward. Or with the proper tools, can propel you to a higher stratosphere of success. Through the art of reframing your thoughts you can view fear as a motivator instead of an obstacle.

I like to use the following acronym for fear: Face Everything and Rise. This redefinition of our most heavily dreaded emotion essentially means that you are mindfully taking into consideration and honoring what you are feeling. Fear, hesitation and doubt can be reframed into optimism, hope and accomplishment. That is what it means to rise. Moving past fear does not mean that you are unaware of how you are feeling. It means that despite what you are feeling, you choose what you are going to do with that emotion. Do not let your feelingsĀ control and paralyze you.

So next time you feel fear ask yourself:

Why am I fearful?

What has lead me to this place?

Where do I see myself?

How am I going to get there?

And rise UP!

Tracey xo


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