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  • The three c’s

    Consciousness Create and Collaboration These 3 “buzz” words are sure to be heard and seen in the daily news, instagram feeds and tweets. But do you really understand and can you really walk them out in your daily life? Basic definitions: Consciousness – The state of being awake and aware Create – Bring something into […]

  • Relationships
  • Hold my hands

    Hold my hands. What do they tell you about me? Are they soft, calloused from hard labor, scarred from an injury? There is a lifetime of stories in each hand we shake. The hands that hold our newborn child, walk our daughter down the aisle, wash our babies, feed our families, and in the case […]


    New Book Release

    Tracey's new book, sustainable in stilettos   "a stylish guide to navigating the evolving world of fashion and beyond."