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  • Beauty products we are loving right now!

    “If you can’t pronounce it and can’t eat it, it’s probably not natural.” So says Joshua Scoot Onysko, founder of Pangea OrganicsPangea Organics, a clean ingredient skin care line based in Boulder Colorado that we LOVE!  They use absolutely NO chemicals, knowing that the skin “eats” 87% of what you put on it. Just as you […]

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  • Is this really green?

    Green Products– How can we be so sure of what we are getting? We all love the idea of taking care of the planet. However, despite our best intentions, eco-friendly brands just sound more expensive, especially when it comes to clothing. And how do you know what you’re really getting? Organic cotton, hemp, locally sourced, sustainably manufactured, etc. It all […]

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  • Are your beauty products safe?

    If you are anything like me, you have drawers full of beauty products you never use and wonder what to do with. I don’t want to throw anything away because my products weren’t cheap, yet I am not sure if they are good either for my skin or the environment. Who knows how long this […]


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    Tracey's new book, sustainable in stilettos   "a stylish guide to navigating the evolving world of fashion and beyond."