Book Release

As a highly respected and well known “Transformational Life Coach,” Tracey Martin has positively impacted and changed the lives of many. Never one to rest on her laurels, Tracey is now tackling issues critical to the entire world, a world that stands at a crossroad in how we choose to live and must live to preserve our wonderful planet and leave it in a state where our children and their children can enjoy it as well. While Tracey is the perfect voice to lead the discussion, she knows that to make a true impact and lasting change, it will require the voices and actions of the many— in other words our collective voices. Tracey knows that we each possess the power within, that our individual power just needs an awakening and through those individual awakenings will come a powerful and unstoppable collective force to bring about meaningful and lasting change. As Tracey is fond of saying, “all movements start with one person.”  Tracey’s book, Sustainable in Stilettos, offers a conscious conversation about fashion, beauty, art, food and life.  It invites you to step into sustainability and begin to start shifting to a more conscious, ethical and mindful way of living.

Using Tracey’s many years in the fashion industry as a backdrop, and leveraging upon her continued work in fashion, sustainable living and transformational coaching, the book targets and seeks to empower consumers. Many of our beloved brands are destroying the Earth and people’s lives in the wake.  Yet, these brands will only begin to pay attention and create change when the voice of the consumer is heard over the white noise and chatter of the advertising, propaganda and agenda driven companies that will produce anything for a profit. The book showcases chapters on what the truth is behind the current fashion industry and what it will look like when the industry begins to shift into new ways of doing business. It also offers an alternative definition to what qualifies as “luxury” in today’s world.  Beyond a clarion call to action, Sustainable in Stilettos provides a prescription for change, helpful tips on making the right choices and a very detailed resource guide on numerous brands that are making a difference and also leading the charge to a more sustainable and rewarding lifestyle. Tracey also highlights groups that are leading the change that need your support. Education is key and Tracey includes other books, documentaries and podcasts to catch up on so you can make the biggest impact!

“I should be working right now, but I am getting lost in the amazing resource you have in the book! Wow! Enjoying.”-Leslie Robertson Tracey has always been known for her willingness to collaborate and she exhibits that by providing kudos to the many brands that are making a difference instead of just touting her own personal brands in the book. As she says: “We each play a part in the orchestra of humanity.” We must collectively address the global concerns that are all around us. From conversations about global warming to what we eat, wear, drive and our homes. Every one of these are threads in our lives intricately woven together to form the fabric of HOW we live and HOW we consume. In this book and books to follow, Tracey offers a prescription for “sustainable living,” which impacts all aspects of living, how and what we eat, how we parent, how we buy our clothes, how we navigate our careers, how we positively develop our own special place in a rapidly changing world. As a whole, consumers are becoming more sophisticated in their buying habits. There is an awakening that is occurring at many levels.  There is a rising consciousness – a spirit of togetherness that needs to be nurtured and fostered to save our planet and Tracey’s book helps further the conversation and the process.  She is truly a unique voice to help awaken the power in each of us. There is a better way to live today. A more fulfilling, beautiful and mindful way. Each one of us can choose to show up differently in this world. To choose a more peaceful life through your choices. When we do, humanity will be the biggest benefactor.

“Hi Tracey! 
It’s 4:43am on Tuesday, and I just now got a chance to read your advanced copy. I feel truly honored to be asked to read this. Thank you! WOW!!!! What a statement! I have never read a book quite like this! It is truly a Vanguard in this space! Educational! Incredibly informative! Inspirational doesn’t even begin to describe it, and very very Bold! Calls out the industry and challenges us (consumers) to be better people. The world will be a better place from those who are fortunate to read this book. BRILLIANT!” -Amen Iseghohi

“Tracey Martin is Mother Nature’s Stilettos. Tracey has taken on a huge issue, sustainability & conscious choices in fashion and in life. In a world based on excess and frivolity of, buy now and throw away tomorrow; of in this season and out the next. This book will open your eyes with an in your face, fact driven and thought provoking assurance that it is time to do the right thing! It will force you to think about how and where your clothes are made and the impact that your decisions have on the world. Can elegance be eco-friendly? Can style be sustainable? Read the book and be prepared to have your eyes opened. The curtain will be pulled away on the runway and behind the scenes is not exactly glamorous. Tracey is clearly on a mission. She is clearly ready for change. The question is, are you?”  -Maureen Rischard