• Fashion
  • Compassion never goes out of style

    Compassion never goes out of style….. There are things in this world that we love, however, we have no idea how it gets to us. I am talking about the leather products that surround us in our daily lives. Shoes, handbags, belts, wallets, car interiors, furniture, jewelry and so much more. Have you ever thought […]

  • Fashion
  • Is ignorance really bliss?

    I know this is a harsh question. What I mean by it is that most people are genuinely happy to be ignorant to the world around them as long as they perceive that it does not “interfere” with their way of life. Convenience has come with a cost and easier has become unethical. Over consuming […]

  • Health
  • The Missing Peace

    The Missing PEACE.. We have a missing peace to our puzzle of life. I believe we first need to define a few things. Anxiety: is the preoccupation with thoughts and feelings of what could happen, what might happen, it happened to someone else, so it will happen to me? What will I do? These thoughts […]

  • Health
  • Grow your brain

    Everything starts with a thought. How healthy are your thoughts? What does your “self talk” sound like? Positive or negative? Encouraging or discouraging? Kind or self loathing? What if what we said to ourselves was played out loud? Yikes! There is a thought. Today I want to talk about “growing your brain.” Not just thinking […]

  • Career
  • Vocation or Occupation

    From the moment you are able to talk, your parents, grandparents and family ask you the age old question “what do you want to be when you grow up?” John Lennon said it best when he was asked what he wanted to be when he grew up. Young John wrote down on a piece of […]

  • Social impact
  • Living la vida lohas

    Sounds like a great time to me. LOHAS is an acronym for Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability. This is a group of consumers or for lack of a better word “demographic” for those who care about the environment and are focused on products that have been sustainably and mindfully produced. They have no problem spending […]


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